Animal health

EU Action Plan 2007-2013

A new European Animal-Health Strategy ‘Prevention is better than cure’ was published by the Commission on 19 September 2007. The related Animal-Heath Action Plan 2007-2013 was adopted by the Commission on 10 September 2008. The Action Plan provides the framework for animal-health measures and covers four main pillars: prioritisation of EU intervention; the EU animal-health framework; prevention-surveillance-preparedness; and science and innovation.

Animal By-Products

Council Regulation (EC) No. 1774/2002 on animal by-products has been replaced by a new Regulation, applicable as from 2011 and aimed at introducing more risk-proportionate rules on animal by-products.This means that animal by-products of category 1 that are injurious to health and category 2 that are unfit for human consumption must not be placed on the market as food, whereas material of category 3 that complies with specific rules regarding their possible use for human consumption may be employed for certain feeding purposes.The concept of an ‘end point’ in the manufacturing of animal by-products has been introduced, after which the processed products are no longer subject to the animal by-products legislation. The new Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 was published on 14 November 2009 in the Official Journal.

EFBA Position:

EFBA welcomes this new Animal By-Products Regulation and was involved in the stakeholder-consultation process. EFBA will now start working on the implementing measures of this Regulation. This is important legislation as fur-animal feed consists exclusively of fresh meat and fish by-products. Production waste – carcasses – is classified as category 2 and is usually used in biofuel production or incinerated. EFBA took part in the discussions on implementing measures and has been able to introduce the new concept of ‘end product’ at the farm (dried pelts), similar to other animal-derived products.

Animal Heath Law

The ‘EU Animal-Health framework’ pillar of the Action Plan provided a proposal for an EU Animal-Health Law by 2010 to replace the current series of policy areas with a single regulatory framework. A legislative proposal concerning a harmonised EU framework for responsibility and cost-sharing in detecting and eradicating diseases is planned by 2011. The Commission launched a large consultation process of stakeholders on this particular issue on 19 October 2009. The consultation closed on 31 December 2009. The summary of the stakeholders consultation on the new Animal Health Law was published by the Commission end June 2010. The Commission is now working on the framework of the law as well as on the impact assessment. A legislative proposal is expected in the first half 2011.

EFBA Position:

EFBA responded to the stakeholder consultation on 23 December 2009. EFBA is actively following up the issue together with the European Farmers’ Organisation Copa-Cogeca.